Martin Luther's Seal

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Designed by Martin Luther, the seal provides a summary of the Christian faith. The black cross at the center reminds that it was our sin that put Jesus to death on the cross. He bore the punishment that we deserve. The red heart reminds of the love of the Father in sending His only Son, Jesus to be our Savior and the blood He spilled on Calvary's Cross on our behalf. The white rose helps us to remember the work of the Holy Spirit who calls us to faith in Christ Jesus and retains in that faith through Word and Sacrament. The blue background shows us the joy we have in our new life provided by God's sacrifice for us as His redeemed children. The golden ring surrounding the seal reminds us of our everlasting inheritance-a home in the new creation where we will forever live in the presence of God.

The Lutheran Church missouri synod

As a member congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, we hold the Bible to be God's inspired, inerrant Word revealed to us and preserved throughout the centuries through the working of the Holy Spirit. We trust the Augsburg Confession to be a true exposition of Scripture useful for helping us to understand God's Word. For more information about the LCMS visit