Lent 2018


   This year as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday, we will journey together through the Gospel of Mark.

   Sunday morning sermons will focus on the major events in Jesus' earthly ministry leading up to his betrayal, death, and resurrection. Wednesday evening sermons will call attention to the lesser known characters and events in the story.

   Devotions for Lent

   Starting on Ash Wednesday, February 14, the congregation is invited to read together the Gospel of Mark throughout the forty days of Lent. Weekly readings will be printed in the Sunday morning bulletin. Click the button below for the full reading plan. 

A Journey to the Cross with Mark


February 18 - it's time

Mark 1:9-15

February 25 - Who is this?

Mark 3:22-30

March 4 - don't you see? pt. 1

Mark 8:14-21

March 11 - don't you see? pt. 2

Mark 8:22-38

March 18 - go and die

Mark 10:32-45



February 14 -  I Know You

Mark 1:21-28

February 21 - Unknown

Mark 4:10-12, 30-34

February 28 - Believe me

Mark 5:21-43

March 7 - rejected

Mark 6:1-12

March 14 - Passed by

Mark 6:45-52

March 21 - for the dogs

Mark 7:24-30