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“Behold the man!” was Pontius Pilate’s short, yet most profound, sermon. Our endeavor this Lententide and Easter Sunday is to behold the man, God in human flesh, Jesus. Each time together, we are meditating on and proclaiming His real, bodily suffering and death as well as His physical resurrection. He knew all that real bodies experience; He suffered, wept, bled, ate, and hoped. 

As we move through this season of Lent, it will become increasingly clear why God became man: He lived this physical life in order to be nailed to a cross. Thereby, we are truly preparing for the celebration of His real, bodily, flesh-and-blood resurrection. Without that, our faith and our preaching are all in vain. God the Son became the embodied, incarnate Son of Mary. In Jesus, God has human flesh, a body, just like us. What could be more profound? Behold the man, who has led the way for us through death to our own physical resurrection!

March 6 - A God who hungers

Matthew 6:17-18

March 10 - a god who prays

John 17

march 17 - a god beaten

John 18:19-24

March 24 - a god exposed

John 19:1-5; 23-24

march 31 - a god with a mother

John 19:25-27

april 7 - a god who thirsts

John 19:28-30

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March 6 - April 3

Light Supper - 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Vespers - 7:00 p.m

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